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Making jewelry by hand rather than by machine requires intense concentration and consummate skill acquired over many, many years.

Currently we are on sabbatical. We no longer have our retail store and workshop on Halsted Street in Chicago. Our new address and phone number is forthcoming. Thank you to all our friends, acquaintances and clients.

Simplicity and boldness are my goals. Each piece has a "feeling" about it which the handwork imparts--a kind of "spirit" which cannot be acheived by mass production methods. The solution for a finished treasure is often worked out in the process of creation.

Jewelry made in our workshop is made by labor-intensive techniques of bygone eras, including lost-wax casting, fabrication, enamelwork, hand-rolling, forging, mokume, and hand engraving. We use hand-rolled sheet and hand-drawn wire.

I combine my own gold alloys and give special consideration to find colors beyond the ordinary in variations of yellow, green, and red--platinum takes the place of white gold. A gold color which complements someone's skintone or a stone's hue makes a tremendous difference.

Natural colored sapphires, tsavorite (green) garnet, chrome tourmaline, diamonds, rubies, and jade are just a sampling of the gems available. Precious historic or archeological finds also make for special jewelry and design inspiration.

~Tom McCaffrey

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